Deep Minimal Techno(Set of 4h in 1h 2018 / DJ-MIX)

Mix Concept :

The flow from midnight to dawn from am1: 00 to am5: 00 was condensed into one hour with the sound of Deep minimal techno. The image was mixed with the image of the sky gradually getting brighter from the dark black world.

am1:00~am5:00までの真夜中から夜明け時間の流れをDeep minimal technoの音で1時間に凝縮して表現しました。漆黒の闇の世界から徐々に明るくなっていく空をイメージしてmixしました。


Deep Minimal Techno 2017 / DJ-MIX
Mix Concept :

I expressed the feeling of getting stuck in a chaotic world.



Spaacy Deep House 2017 / DJ-MIX
Mix Concept :

As he ran away from the dark organization on the highway at midnight, he embarked on a journey into space.



Techno&Minimal  2016 / DJ-MIX
Mix Concept :

It's a story that mixes different styles of techno. ( Minimal&Detroit&Break Beats&Tech House)

いろいろなスタイルのテクノを混ぜて物語的に構築しました。( Minimal&Detroit&Break Beats&Tech House)

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